Oh hey there

I'm Eli. A Digital Art Director at XCOM Media and Photographer for YP Threads, working closely with the King of the Brown Snake. I come packed with 12 years creative experience (seven years of that agency side). 

My mum would say my style is "Really, really cool son." and "I love what you did there Honey". But if that testimonial doesn't completely sell you, flick through some of my work below or Contact Me for a chat. I can also supply a testimonial from my nana on request.

Thanks for stopping by, hopefully talk soon.

How I can help..


Graphic Design

I studied graphic design way back in 2004 and haven't looked back. I have over seven years experience agency side and extensive experience in digital design, UI & UX.



I am currently the photographer for YP Threads, a fast growing and exciting mens clothing brand. I'm also shooting weddings on weekends and doing high end retouching.

Digital Creative

XCOM Media has been my creative house of residence for the past 5 years. A vibrant digital marketing and communications agency that combines strategy, creativity, data and technology.